What It’s Like to Take Bespoke Tailoring at SLIM’s Fashion and Arts School

There’s more to a tailored jacket than meets the eye. Underneath the perfectly stitched lapel and crisp measured shoulders is a lot of work done by hand. One designer who wanted to learn the ins and outs of creating such a bespoke piece is Iloilo-based fashion designer Peach Garde. Considered one of SLIM’s instructors and Fashion Designer Milka Quin’s “best students” since the online iteration of the course was launched, we spoke to Peach Garde to ask about his experience. “It has been my dream to continue my education in fashion especially in menswear. It would be hard for me to transfer from Iloilo, and when the pandemic hit the course was offered online,” he shares. Below, he details how fulfilling the course was and why designers should try their hand advancing their tailoring skills as well. Can you share how the lecture or module experience was? PG: It was my first course with SLIM’s and I didn’t have any idea how the class would go. I expected it to be even harder on a different

Salvacion Lim Higgins - National Artist for Fashion

Salvacion Lim Higgins has left perhaps one the greatest imprints on Philippine Fashion History.   This is not only because of her distinct body of work of more than four decades, but also because of the school that she co-founded in 1960, which has mentored generations of Filipino designers and continues to do so to this day. Slim’s Fashion & Arts School, now the oldest fashion institution in the country, is the most technical and in-depth fashion school in the country. In its 62-year history, it has educated tens of thousands of designers all over the Philippines. Notable alumni from each decade include Oskar Peralta, Joe Salazar, Cesar Gaupo, Oliver Tolentino, Albert Andrada, Joey Samson, Martin Bautista and Michael Cinco. Known for her distinct, avant-garde style, a Slim’s gown had several characteristics: Because of her background in Fine Arts, her color palettes and textural combinations were unique and unexpected. She was also technically proficient and substantially knowledg